Recent Weddings

A New Website!

When I first started telling people I was working on a new website, some people said, “Again??” ButView full post »

Dubuque Arboretum Wedding: Tasha + Juan

She emailed me and told me that even if it rained on her wedding day, she was going to be happy because she wasView full post »

Blair, NE Wedding: Katie + Michael

Katie’s been my friend for a long time. She knew me back in high school when I was first starting out inView full post »

Recent Engagements

Cedar Falls Country Engagement Sneak Peek: Tabitha + RJ

I pulled up and it was the most gorgeous place I’d ever seen. Like, quite honestly, my dream property. Big redView full post »

An Interview + A Sneak Peek: Brittany + Lukas

I knew when I got my Fuji X100s it was something that had to be blogged about. When I was researching the camera, IView full post »

Comfort Zones and Getting Out of Them: Jessica + Brian Sneak Peek

Sometimes (actually, more often than not) it’s good to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.View full post »

Life Behind the Lens

Summer Boating Video: Fuji X100s

It was 2012 the first time we went on Brian’s boat. The first summer we were married. I didn’t know what toView full post »

Something is Better Than Nothing

This is a reminder. To myself. To my photographer friends. To all of us who are perfectionists. Something is betterView full post »

Fuji X-T1 Doubts

I dreamt about this camera for weeks and weeks. Pondered about whether or not to order it. Scoured the internet forView full post »




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