An Interview + A Sneak Peek: Brittany + Lukas

I knew when I got my Fuji X100s it was something that had to be blogged about. When I was researching the camera, I devoured every single blog post I could find about it. So I knew, when I got my own, it would be good of me to do my part to give back to others who are also researching the camera (of course there are so many more posts about it now than there were back then). I’ve had contact with so many incredible photographers because of my little Fuji, including photographers in Canada, Italy, and France! It’s amazing how people all over the world can become united by one camera. The Fuji community really is the best community.

One of the photographers I’ve (virtually) met is Tomas Haran from Massachusetts, and I was so honored when he asked me to be interviewed for his blog last week! Be sure to head on over and check it out!

And, because a post isn’t any good without a photo, check out this sneak peek from Thursday night’s engagement shoot! Brittany and Lukas are the best ever – we had so much fun running around a random farm (we had permission, but it was her dad’s friend’s son’s brother’s etc etc farm!), and when my Camry was making questionable noises above the front right tire, they followed me all the way to Dan Deery Toyota to make sure I got there safely! Love you two!!!cedar-falls-farm-engagement-01cedar-falls-farm-engagement-02


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