Omaha Old Market Engagement: Katie + Michael

Katie and Michael. Where to start? Katie and I were close friends in high school when we were on the yearbook staff together. Boy were we a crazy team. Fast forward six years (Really?! Has it really been that long??) and Katie and Michael are getting married! We had a blast running around the Old Market in Omaha and I so adore their relationship. Katie and Michael, thank you for allowing me to document your love, and I’m so excited for your wedding next spring. XOXO, Rachel

We started off at the Gene Leahy Mall, but a lot of it was under construction so we had to get creative. I found this adorable little spot with perfect light!

My favorite thing about Katie and Michael is how much they love to laugh!

Katie. Girl. You are gorgeous.

I’m not usually one for big wide shots like this, but the tree was just begging for it.


So adorable, right?

Seriously. Love the laughter! Love.

I have to end with this hilarious shot. I think it totally captures their personalities to a T. (PS – I don’t even know what that saying means, but it sounded good!)

Happy Friday!

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