How to Prevent a Wedding Hangover

Wedding season is sneaking up on us and for many it has already started. Last year I found myself completely useless the mornings after shooting a full wedding and often wondered how people could ever shoot two weddings in one weekend. Quite honestly, after my first wedding of the year last year, getting out of bed was like a baby giraffe trying to walk for the first time. Pounding headache/migraine (although that’s nothing new…) and my eyes would be visibly swollen and puffy. Aka, a literal wedding hangover! I knew I had to figure something out or I couldn’t keep going with this, so throughout the year I started experimenting with things and found what worked for me.

Before the Wedding:

  • Be sure to pack up for the wedding in the MORNING on the day before the wedding. This leaves your evening open to relax and go to bed early. (Bonus: use a checklist to make sure you have everything packed!)
  • Get a good night’s sleep. Obviously!
  • I pop two drops of eye drops in each of my eyes before I leave. I am a complete derp trying to actually do it, but since my eyes are in full gear all day, it really helps prevent them from drying out.
  • Wear super supportive shoes! I have high arches in my feet, and if I don’t wear good shoes while shooting a wedding, I’ll have shooting pain all throughout my foot, calves, and thighs. It’s bad. I spent about $100 on some amazing insoles and I only wear shoes that they will fit in. This has really cut down on my leg pain, but I still need to invest in some custom orthotics!

During the Wedding:

  • Take breaks if there’s time. Be sure to sit down (and stretch!) on these breaks!
  • Drink water! I will usually drink about two or three bottles of water throughout the day, but I’m usually so dehydrated already that I rarely have to use the restroom more than once or twice.

After the Wedding:

  • An hour or two before I leave the reception, I try to take an Aleve. I used to be an Advil/Ibuprofen type of girl, but seriously, Aleve is amazing for achy muscles. I try to take it before I leave the reception so that it starts to kick in when I’m driving home. (foot/calf/thigh pain mentioned above!)
  • DRINK WATER! I try to down at least one, but usually a couple big glasses of water while I’m driving home or before I go to bed. This allows my body to gain back some hydration while I sleep and helps prevent that hangover feeling in the morning.
  • Even though it’s sort of common sense, I always make sure to wash my face before I go to bed, even if I don’t want to. Many times I want to just fall in bed and not do anything, but the nights I do that, I tend to feel worse in the morning!
  • I put two more eyedrops in each eye before bed. This is an important step I’ve found, as I used to wake up with swollen and red eyes the morning after a wedding. I started using eyedrops before and after the wedding day and it’s really helped! I also put more drops in the morning after the wedding, too!

Hope this helps you! Do you have any other things you do before or after a wedding day to keep yourself feeling your best?


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  • Tomas Haran - Fantastic post! I agree with everything you’ve said. I am also amazed at photographers that can do back to back weddings. I’d be napping by the first kiss. In all seriousness you are so right, these are things we all should consider when doing weddings. Its hard to explain that just standing for multiple hrs as well as being very alert for that period of time is exhausting. Really nice read.ReplyCancel

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