How To Tag Instagram Location Later

I don’t know about you, but sometimes Instagram’s location tagging can be a bit annoying. For a long time, I thought that in order to tag a specific location, I had to be at that location when uploading my picture to Instagram. There was no way for me to tag the location after I had left the location, which was a huge bummer. But now I’ve figured out a few ways around this, and I’m here to share them with you, step by step. FYI, you don’t have to be a photographer for this to be relevant… anyone who goes on vacation or to a specific event will find this useful! So here we go.

Settings for Phone Pictures.

All of my phone-specific instructions are for iPhone, but I am confident these same settings are on Android phones as well. You might just have to do a bit of digging.

First go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. You want to make sure Location Services is turned ON for your Camera and OFF for Instagram. Trust me. When you take a photo, the Camera will automatically add your GPS coordinates to the photo’s metadata. Then, when you load the photo into Instagram, it will pull location data from the PICTURE, not from your current location. Easy right? This picture was taken at church a couple weeks ago. Obviously I’m not sitting at church writing this post, so hooray! It worked!



Photos From Other Cameras

If your camera has a built in GPS thing, then Instagram should be able to grab the coordinates like it does in the steps above. I don’t have a camera with GPS, so I can’t verify that. For photographers, though, it’s sometimes nice to add location to our DSLR photos that we upload to Instagram. So how is it done? Enter the amazing app called Koredoko. Once you’ve sent your DSLR photo to your phone (I do this via Dropbox – they have an awesome smartphone app, and if you sign up at that link, you’ll receive an extra 0.50GB of storage free!), you load the photo into the Koredoko app to add location data to the image.

So here we have a photo from a recent engagement shoot at Mines of Spain in Dubuque, which as you can see, does not have any location data associated with it (N/A). All you have to do is tap and hold on the gray part to move the photo to the location on the map you wish. Then you just zoom in and keep moving to get the exact location.


Once you’ve got it where you want it, push the little ‘i’ icon. Tap the export button in the top right, save WITH metadata, and BAM. That picture now has been saved to your camera roll with location data embedded.


Open up Instagram, select the photo you just saved, and add to your photo map with the correct location (ps – you have to have Location Services on your phone OFF for Instagram so it reads the photo, not your current location)!


It’s so simple! I wish I would have known about this sooner because I use it all the time. And it’s especially helpful that my Instagram now grabs location data from the PHOTO, and not my current whereabouts, because that makes location tagging in Instagram a breeze! What do you think, do you have a different way you tag locations after the fact?


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