101 in 1001: The things I want to accomplish

I want to accomplish a lot of things in my life. Not long ago, I saw a quote that really inspired me:

“If you aren’t a little bit intimidated by your dreams, they aren’t big enough.”

At the time, I had a couple specific things I wanted to accomplish this year. Some of them were quite intimidating. But this list? Downright scary. 101 things. 1001 days. At first, admittedly, I didn’t think that was a very long time. But it’s 2.74 years. I know there will be things I won’t get to accomplish (mostly travel), but to see everything written down excites me. It’s like it clears my brain and allows me to focus.

Starting today, June 27, 2012. Ending March 25, 2015. Here are my 101:

  1. Tour Scotland and Ireland in a rental car
  2. Explore an ancient Aztec/Incan/Mayan ruin
  3. Camp in a tent on the beach
  4. Visit the USS Arizona Pearl Harbor Memorial in Oahu, Hawaii
  5. See the Northern Lights
  6. Stay at the Atlantis Bahamas Resort and go to the water park
  7. Swim in an infinity pool
  8. Own a designer handbag
  9. Drive a Chevy Corvette convertible
  10. Stay at the Bellagio
  11. Leave a $100 tip at a restaurant
  12. Spend a day on a boat
  13. Spend an afternoon driving without a destination
  14. Complete an entire book of Sudoku puzzles
  15. See the Sydney Opera House
  16. Go kayaking
  17. Stay in an over-the-water bungalow off a tropical island
  18. Go on a cruise
  19. Go to a drive-in movie
  20. Attend a floating lantern festival like the one in Tangled
  21. Catch a jar of lightning bugs as an adult
  22. Go on an aquarium date
  23. Buy a home
  24. Ride in a hot air balloon
  25. Own a Polaroid (or other instant camera)
  26. Make a promo video for my website
  27. Put a note in a book for a stranger to find
  28. Get published/featured in a wedding magazine or blog
  29. Leave 10 Operation Beautiful notes in a two week period
  30. Do a DIY project from Pinterest
  31. Print and hang my images in my office
  32. Learn how to make Hu Hot style sticky rice
  33. Take photos of my parents
  34. Take photos of my in-laws
  35. Photograph a stranger on the street
  36. Ride in a helicopter
  37. Buy an iPad
  38. Enter a photo competition
  39. Donate photography to an auction
  40. Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  41. Buy a meal for a stranger
  42. Attend WPPI
  43. Plan a styled shoot
  44. Learn how to curl my hair
  45. Fill balloons with paint, attach them to a canvas, and throw darts at them to make them pop – just like they did in Princess Diaries
  46. Ride in a limo
  47. Run a mile. Straight. With no stopping.
  48. Have 1-year anniversary pictures made
  49. Donate all those clothes I say I will wear but don’t
  50. Buy or make a headboard for our bed
  51. Get a couples massage together
  52. Design and order a sample wedding album
  53. Update my passport with my married name
  54. Print pictures from college and engagement and put them in albums
  55. Go without fast food for one month
  56. Go without soda for one month
  57. Go snorkeling
  58. Become a PPA member
  59. Invest in custom flash drives and packaging for wedding clients
  60. Stay at the new Cedar Falls Hilton Hotel just to say I have
  61. Cut out sodium for 2 weeks (anything with more than 1% DV)
  62. Create client survey to send out with images
  63. Create 5×7 information sheet about PASS gallery for clients (include print release) and print cards
  64. Take extra fiber every day for a month
  65. Pin senior session flyers all over town
  66. Scan my box of prints from elementary/middle/high school and store on external hard drive
  67. Get professional headshots for my website/branding/etc (ie, not my husband/bff taking them)
  68. Get wedding dress cleaned
  69. Create cookbook of favorite recipe with pictures
  70. Cook a fancy meal for my parents
  71. Attempt and perfect the Brenizer method.
  72. Learn to whistle with two fingers
  73. Order business stationary (folded cards, notecards, letterhead)
  74. Start and finish a couple’s devotional with the Mister
  75. Sneak a love letter into the Mister’s briefcase to find at work
  76. Fly first class somewhere
  77. Go to a flea market
  78. Have my caricature drawn with the Mister
  79. Collect 101 quotes that inspire/encourage me
  80. Pray for someone specific every day for a week
  81. Write down something I’m thankful for 5x per week for a month
  82. Celebrate wedding anniversary overnight, somewhere other than our home
  83. Make a photo book of our Mexico vacation
  84. Do something with my Instagram pictures
  85. Make “Fake Betty Crocker” cookie mixes from Pinterest
  86. Bake a fun dessert item from Pinterest
  87. Find a really good baked mac & cheese recipe
  88. Go to an art museum
  89. Spend 7 consecutive days away from Facebook
  90. Do a 500 piece puzzle with the Mister
  91. Keep a plant alive for 6 months
  92. Book/shoot a wedding in a state other than NE, IA, KS, or OH
  93. Write a letter to Miss Caralynn
  94. Photograph a photographer – SCARY!
  95. Have a girl’s weekend with Catie
  96. Set up a credit card system for my clients
  97. Cook a meal using ingredients bought from a farmer’s market only
  98. Get my money back from the evil woman who sold me a counterfeit wedding dress (This is no longer a goal of mine as I have forgiven her and moved on. But you can read the story here.)
  99. Shoot a destination wedding
  100. Buy some patio furniture
  101. Attend a photography workshop by someone I admire

This post will get updated as I knock things off the list. If you’ve got a 101 in 1001 list, I’d love to see it!

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