2015 Personal Goals

Yes. This is another New Years post about goals. It’s a very popular thing to do this time of year. But aside from the standard “eat healthier” and “exercise more” goals (yes, we are working on those, too), there are two major things I want 2015 to be about.

Reducing Clutter

There’s only been one time in my life where I had a handle on my stuff and kept things tidy all the time – my freshman year of college. Weird or what? But looking back, I realized it was because I didn’t have much stuff at school with me. Everything had a place it belonged, so even if I let things get a little unkempt, it was super easy to get it under control again. (Side note: the Mister did not know me then and refuses to believe I was tidy — will Christina, my roommate that year, please vouch for me?!)

Ever since we moved into our new house I’ve felt like I can’t get organized. That’s a big reason why you haven’t seen any photos of it yet — it’s still SO MESSY. We have so much stuff, none of it has a home, and hardly any of it gets used! My mantra this year is to adopt a minimalist lifestyle and get rid of everything! Well, all the excess. Do two people really need 15 towels?? Nope. A few for the guest bedroom, and two for each of us. One to wear and one to wash. That can apply to pretty much everything. Yesterday I took every single article of clothing out of my closet and sent nearly half of it to the thrift store. If I don’t wear it, why should it take up space in my home?

So yeah. Minimalism for the win. The fewer things you have, the easier it is to take care of. Laundry is easier with less clothes. Dishes are easier with fewer dishes. Can you tell I am so OVER all the clutter? Goodbye!

Reducing Waste

This has been the biggest revelation to me the past few months. All through college I’ve been pretty good at the whole “recycle” thing. But in the past few months I’ve realized that out of the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), recycle is the least beneficial. And actually, a fourth R, refuse, along with reduce, should take so much more priority over the other two. Recycling should be the last resort, not the first and only one.

I’ve recognized that we, a family of two adults, create so much waste! Plastic bags galore, wasted food, disposable products. It’s all slightly ridiculous. We’ve already started taking steps to reducing this (we use cloth napkins made from an old bed sheet, and we’ve replaced paper tissues with those white fabric hankies), but we could be so much better. A few weeks ago I invested in a couple Omnisax reusable shopping bags, and although I’ve only made one mesh produce bag so far (it’s awesome!), I intend to make a bunch more. Other things on the list: buying in bulk and storing said bulk in reusable containers (mason jars, mostly), cooking from scratch, making homemade toiletry products (makeup mostly), and switching to the no-shampoo method of washing your hair. These are just a few things but think about how much waste it would save! When the summer comes, we intend to start composting and growing our own garden as well.

Unlike a lot of new year resolutions that you feel like you have to do, I am actually really super excited about these two and have so much motivation. I think that is the key to being able to follow through with your goals – you have to enjoy what you’re doing!

For now here’s a little sneak peek of the house… I noticed the light pouring in the kitchen the other day and had to snap a photo. I promise, once I get a bit more of the clutter under control, there will be a bunch of house pictures! XOXO


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