Baby Bumps Everywhere!

Lately I feel like every other day I get on Facebook and someone new has announced they are having a baby! I told the Mister the other day that babies are just popping out of the woodwork, and he said he was pretty sure that’s not where they were popping out of… Too much? That’s my husband for you ;)

Truthfully, though, I’m so incredibly excited for all of my friends entering this new chapter in their lives and I’m excited to live vicariously through them (I’m looking at you Amy)! Because honestly, between you and me, sometimes I forget to give my dog food in the morning and the Mister comes home and asks why the dog is gobbling down her afternoon food like crazy. Oops. We should probably hold off on the babies for a while.

Over the holidays I was able to get together with my cousin, Amanda, and her family to create some portraits for them. Amanda and her husband Rob are expecting their second child, and I’m so pumped for them! A little disclaimer though, I do not normally photography families and children, so if you are in need of that, my buddy Amy is the best!

Too. Much. Adorable.

Is she beautiful or what?!


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