Balcony Garden Update: Finally Outside!

It’s been a long time coming. But the weather has finally warmed up and I have finally got some plants outside on my balcony. You know, because it’s called a balcony garden, not a windowsill garden. The Mister and I were at Menards and they had a lovely selection of annuals and perennials. I was planning on only getting annuals, because even if I can keep these plants alive over the summer, I doubt I’ll be able to get them to survive the winter… but I ended up with a lily so we’ll see how that goes.

Most of the plant I started from seeds are done for. Just the other day I sadly threw them out. However, I’m still trying to recover the Cosmos and (what I’m pretty sure is) Snap Dragons. I say pretty sure because I wasn’t very good at labeling them, so while I’m pretty sure that’s what they are, there’s a possibility they’re something else completely. Can’t you tell I’m off to a good start??

So, without further ado, here are the lovely plants that I’ve got going so far:

I’m really hoping these guys pull through. They were the really stringy ones, so when I transplanted them, I buried part of crazy stems under the dirt to give them some stability. Who knows if that will help them or kill them. We’ll see!

Look at my pretty little garden!

I also finally convinced the Mister to puppy-proof the balcony. Dixie can fit her head (and probably her shoulders if she wanted to) through the slats on our balcony. Whenever we’d be out there I would constantly be terrified that she’d see a squirrel and jump off. Scary! So the Mister got some screen and put it around all of the railings. We had talked about using lattice or chicken wire, but let’s be honest, we didn’t want to look like REDNECKS! ;) So we settled on screen and it works perfectly. Dixie is very respective of it, and I don’t think she’d ever try to break through it. Our neighbor, Brandon, who is Dixie’s favorite person, came up to the balcony and she didn’t try to force her way through. I can finally relax out there with her with me.

Happy Sunday!

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  • Heather - Hi,

    I know this post is old, but is there any way you can tell me what type of screen you used and how it was attached? Will there be any damage to the balcony when it’s removed? I’m adopted a small dog in November and am looking into dog-proofing our 3rd floor balcony when it gets warmer.

    Thank you! :)ReplyCancel

    • Rachel Ruffer - Hi Heather! My husband says it’s just standard screen door replacement screen that you can get from a home improvement store. He used staples and brad nails and some sort of wood trim to keep it in place. There will be a few staple holes but there isn’t any major damage. Just keep in mind that a very determined dog could tear through it, so you’ll want to be sure to gauge your dog’s behavior and strength :)ReplyCancel

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