Balcony Gardening – An Update

Well there’s not much to update, other than the plants are growing (thank God!). Who knows if they are healthy. Who knows if they’ll survive being transplanted to bigger pots outside. That is if we ever start getting warm weather. Stupid snow.

I probably should know the names of these, but I don’t. But aren’t these the cutest?

These guys are slow growers, but they seem to be doing well. All of my plants are in self-watering containers, so it’s been pretty hands off for me.

I do know that these are Cosmos and Zinnia (I think). I’m not sure what’s wrong with the seedlings on the right… they’re so droopy and weird. But they seem to still be growing? They’re all tangled up in each other and it’s WEIRD.

When we had that nice weather earlier this week I got all excited hoping I could start moving these outside, and then look what happened. Snow. In May. Gahhh.

I haven’t even bought any big plants from the store yet because this weather has me super paranoid. Hopefully in a week or so I’ll be able to actually start this balcony garden outside! We’ll see…

Happy Saturday!

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