Barcelona Day Two: Fuji X100s

We took our last day in Barcelona pretty slow. We had been traveling and sightseeing for 10 days and we were tired. (We don’t do this kind of thing very often!) But I was so excited for this day, because it held the thing I’d been waiting for: the ocean. You might not know this about me, but I am seriously obsessed with the ocean. Before Barcelona, I’d only seen it once, in Mexico for our wedding. But I had been obsessing with it long before that, planning exotic wedding locations that would never be remotely possible for us (like the Maldives…omg). So anyway, I was excited.

But first, we explored the big market close to our hotel…



They had lobsters on another table nearby that were still alive!




We then walked around some of the nearby streets before heading back to the market for lunch.




Someday, if/when I have a proper laundry room (and not a laundry closet), this print will probably hang in it.


So we went back to the market for lunch, and this place caught our eye because on their menu, they listed Nebraska beef!


Here’s a close-up!



The Mister ordered tuna…


And I got salmon. OMG it was amazing. The best meal of our entire trip.


My grandma’s name is Joan!!


At this point, I posted on Instagram just how thankful I was for bringing my Fuji and not my Canon DSLR. There were people walking around the market with big honking cameras around their neck and my thoughts were: 1) they look so unbelievably touristy, and 2) their poor backs and shoulders! I had started carrying just my camera and wallet in my coat because I was tired of carrying even my purse. I would have died if I had taken my 5D. Or I just wouldn’t have carried it around and thus wouldn’t have gotten any awesome photos!


Haha look at the Mister’s face on the left! He gets tired of my picture-taking nonsense. But he knew that about me before he married me!!! (And I remind him of that often haha!)


Oh my gosh! Time for the beach!


Catching our first glimpse of it. Can you see it??



The water was unbelievably clear, but yet so blue! I swear I didn’t make the water look bluer in post!




So this guy was walking up and down the beach selling pineapple or something and offered to take our picture. I sort of hesitated, but then said okay. After he left, the Mister confessed he was going to say no (partly because of what happened at Sacré-Cœur in Paris) because he thought the guy was either going to run off with my beloved Fuji or demand some ridiculous payment. He did neither – he was just a sweet guy. (In retrospect, we should have tipped him. Oops.)


Hunchback of Notre Dam?





So then we had to leave the hotel at 4:30am to get to the airport to fly home.



And then I stopped taking pictures!

It’s still crazy to me that we were able to go on this adventure. It was something I had been dreaming about forever. I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I did making them!

More images from our trip:


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  • Amelia - Ohhh Barce. Forever one of my favorite city. It’s so so fun to look at these and recognize different spots! STOP MAKING ME MISS IT AHHH! ;)ReplyCancel

  • Craig - Great series of photos. Nice to see the results you can get with just the X100s and it’s 35mm equiv focal length.

    One question, what wrist strap are you using?ReplyCancel

    • Rachel Ruffer - Craig, I’m actually just using an old strap from an old point and shoot camera! Ha!ReplyCancel

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