Nebraska Panhandle + SD Black Hills: South Dakota Black Hills

10 days. 2000+ miles. All the places you never knew existed in Nebraska and a little peek into the Black Hills of South Dakota.

The last leg of our trip was the Black Hills of South Dakota. I really wanted to go to the Badlands, too, but we ran out of time. We started at Mount Rushmore and did one of the trails. Then we drove to Sylvan Lake and walked the trail around the lake, which had incredible rock formations! That was my favorite part of the Black Hills. We then drove Needles Highway which made me nervous about crashing head-on into another car as well as super motion sick from all the turns. Finally, we drove through Custer State Park hoping to see all of the bison, but it turns out that they have their big bison sale at the end of September so all of them we rounded up in a big field. It was basically like a herd of cattle, so we weren’t terribly impressed. It’s a lot more exciting seeing them in the “wild.”


More images from our trip:

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