Los Cabos with the Fuji X100s | Video

Recently I’ve really gotten into creating videos. Nothing fancy, just little things to help me remember what life was like. We went to Los Cabos in December, and for the first time in my life, I took more videos than photos. Two things about this video: 1) I freaking forgot my waterproof housing for my Fuji. That was a shame because going in the ocean with that thing would have been amazing. 2) We also climbed a mountain for a photo shoot, and I left my camera in the car. We started out by the water and I thought we’d be returning to the car before we scaled the mountain. This also meant I was climbing in flip flops. It was an adventure. But I didn’t get it on video. :(

One other thing… I don’t (yet) have a stabilizer. Some of the clips are pretty shaky. Rob Adams would kill me if he saw this. But I’m getting one. And it’ll be epic.

Anyway, here is what we saw and experienced in Cabo, all shot with the Fuji X100s. Love that little camera.

(click through for HD…)


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