Friday Randomness: iPads, NYC, and Summer

Last night I dreamt that I photographed a wedding in New York City. Perhaps it was because we watched multiple episodes of How I Met Your Mother yesterday, but it was weird. I’ve never been to NYC. And I don’t remember much about the wedding, except the reception was more like a block party in the middle of a street. It was pretty epic to say the least, and now I really want to visit New York. Actually, I want to visit a lot of places…

Anyway, in other randomness:

– I got a keyboard cover thingy for my new iPad. It’s pretty amazing. I might not ever go back to using my laptop.
– Also on the iPad front, I don’t know when it happened, but Google released their Google Mail app – SO much better than Apple’s Mail app (sorry, Apple!). I lovelovelove it and I’m not sure what more I could ask my iPad to do for me. Unless it will cook dinner, too! ;)
– Our pup has been having some dry skin issues, so we’ve been giving her some vegetable oil on her food every day to help. I’m not sure if it’s helping her dry skin, but it’s definitely turning her into a little snot about her food. Now, if we don’t put oil on her food, she’ll just sit there and stare at us. *Seriously, Mom? No oil?*
– I have this bad habit of not wearing earrings for an extended period of time and then my right ear always closes up. It really hurts to re-pierce it every time!
– I feel like a broken record, but seriously, I’m so over winter. I’m ready for shorts, flip flops, sun, and water! Get at me, warmth!
– Also, when summer comes, I’ve pretty much decided that I’m going to make the water park my office. If you can’t live by the ocean, I suppose this is the next best thing, right?

This week’s Kisses:
– Air popped popcorn
– snuggles with Dixie

This week’s Disses:
– single roll toilet paper
– SUPER LOUD television commercials
– budgeting

And because every post is better with a picture, and because I’m so seriously in love with my dog, here’s Dixie romping through the melting snow.

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  • Gina - Rachel–didn’t know you had a dog!!! Love your blog and your dog!!!


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