Friday Randomness on Saturday: Tuxedo Tshirts + Snow

I was shopping in Kohl’s and passing the men’s department when I called him. Have you thought about what you might want to wear for our wedding yet? I asked him. I was eyeing a sexy gray suit as he told me he was wearing his swim trunks, a tuxedo tshirt and a sombrero. Because we’ll be in Mexico…

We’re getting into crunch time with planning our wedding stuff, and every day that passes I am getting more and more excited. I SO cannot wait to stand on a beach and marry the incredible man God has brought into my life. On that sappy note, I’ll jump head first into my Friday randomness (that was supposed to be posted yesterday) with all of the awesome strides I’ve made this week in wedding planning.

– I’ve totally decided what shoes I’m wearing, I’ve picked out my main flower, I *might* have found an awesome necklace to wear, and I’ve pretty much settled on a makeup look, although it still needs tweaking (MAJOR shoutout to my girl Jenny Bowker for her incredible makeup tips and tutorials!). Still on the to-do list? Hair, designing the bouquet, picking out Corey’s outfit (that will NOT include a tuxedo tshirt), and probably loads more but I can’t think.

– I am totally in love with Dropbox. For some reason lately I’ve been having problems with clients not being able to open/read attachments, so I’ve started using Dropbox for them to download my information sheets. It is so quick and easy. All I have to do is copy the file into my Dropbox folder, copy the public download link, past the link into the email and voila! So simple. I’ve even started using it for some of my personal stuff, too, mostly because I can seriously access it ANYWHERE. It’s like a SkyDrive but BETTER. You can watch an intro video and sign up for the FREE service here. If you’re not using this in your business yet, you should!

– We had our first snow on Wednesday. It was gross. It started out as rain, and then turned to a snowy, icy, rainy mix. Walking to class in it was most unpleasant. However, I totally took advantage of the cold weather and had my first hot chocolate of the season!

I had my first Cedar Falls engagement session this morning, and it was SO COLD, but ridiculously fun. The overall weather today is overcast and freezing, but just as we were starting our session, the sun peeked through the clouds and provided some incredible light. I can’t wait until I’m here to stay! Here’s a little sneak peek!

Happy Saturday!

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  • Jamie K! - Congrats on the first engagement session in Cedar Falls! Cannot wait to see the next million you do! Such beautiful work :) Oh, and why have I not been using DropBox before now?!ReplyCancel

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