Friday Randomness: Smoothies + Snow

Yesterday Corey and I finally opened up the blender he got me for Christmas. Yep, I was begging for a blender. I really like smoothies. Anyway, it’s one of the fancy blenders with a glass container and about twenty different speeds. So we put in some strawberries (frozen), a banana, some milk, and two big chunks of ice. It didn’t go well. First it wouldn’t blend it, so we added more milk. Then we blended it too much. And then it was too boring, so Corey dumped a whole bag of sugar in it. Then it was decent. Needless to say, I was super disappointed. So if any of you out there in internet land have any great smoothie recipes, send them my way!

In other Friday randomness:

– It’s blizzarding outside. Maybe that’s an overreaction, but we’re supposed to get 6 inches today and I have errands to run. And a desire to stay inside where it’s 70 degrees… not -14 windchill!

– Because of the snow, we’re going snowboarding tomorrow. Me. On a snowboard. Lord, please help me. Did I mention we don’t have actual snow pants so we’ll be wearing Carhartt coveralls. Sexy.

– The Cedar Falls wedding photography special is almost over! There’s technically three spots still open, but they might be gone in a jiffy. Which is super exciting!

– I bought a KINDLE! I have a ton of books on my list to read, including Lawrence Chan’s Creative Pricing Guide and all of the great info from Michelle Moore’s Senior Success breakout session!

– I’ve got some exciting new products coming out for Summer 2012! They are going to be so epic you won’t even know what hit you.

– The Big Bang Theory is officially my favorite television show. Followed by How I Met Your Mother and White Collar.

Remember, I need smoothie recipes!

Happy Friday :)

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  • Laura - Smoothie recipe I swear by (measurements are estimated because I made this one up and just dump it all in!):
    1. Pour 1/3 of a large low-fat vanilla yogurt tub into the blender
    2. Pour 1/3 or a regular sized bag of frozen mixed fruit into the blender, on top of the yogurt (I buy the strawberry/raspberry/blueberry mix)
    3. Pour in enough orange juice to cover the yogurt and fruit (cup- cup and a half, maybe?)
    4. If you don’t like tart, you can add 1/2 of a banana to calm the fruityness a bit.

    Blend, pour into a fun cup, stick in a straw and ENJOY. We drink these at least once a week in our house :-)ReplyCancel

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