Furniture Makeover!

I’m not sure why I never realized, but basically EVERYTHING can be painted. A couple months ago I started browsing realtor websites to get an idea of houses in the area (we’re really not close to buying, but I wanted an idea of what our money would get us around here), and I was quickly disappointed. I’m not sure what people were thinking when they were building all of these houses, but YUCK. Just about every house I looked at (that wasn’t 40 million dollars, of course) had at least one wall of wood paneling (some had full rooms – including the ceiling!). Not to mention all of the wood colored trim, gross white walls and dark as night kitchen cabinets. NO THANK YOU!

It wasn’t until one of our buddies bought and renovated a house that I realized how beautiful you could make a house… with mostly just paint! I sat there in his gorgeous kitchen (seriously… I am jealous of a man’s kitchen! And he doesn’t even cook!!) looking at the “before” pictures and I was stunned. It sparked something in my mind and I started looking online for other people who have given their houses complete makeovers. My favorites? Katelyn James (a photographer in VA) and Virginia from LiveLoveDIY.

My whole point in telling you this, is that even though the Mister and I don’t yet have a house to make over, we recently acquired an old dresser that would help solve some of our storage issues. (Seriously, they do not build rentals with the end user in mind…) Here’s what it looked like when we got it. Gross right?

The worst part about it wasn’t actually how it looked… it was how it smelled! Super musty and the smell totally took over whatever room it was in. So the Mister bought some special wood cleaner and wiped down the whole dresser, inside and out. Which helped. A lot. We let it air out for a day or so, as well, and then it was good to go.

I have to admit that I basically did NOTHING on this project. I wasn’t thoroughly convinced that painting a dresser was going to actually look good, so I was pretty hands-off as to not get emotionally vested in it! ;) The only thing I did was choose the paint color: white. I love colored walls with white accents throughout the room. The Mister doesn’t understand my infatuation with white. He’ll understand when we get a house and it ends up looking FABULOUS. So anyway, we went to Menards and got started. First was sanding, then priming, then painting. I think he ended up putting two coats over the primer, but I am not positive. I don’t really have any pictures from the progress of it, mostly because I didn’t want to get my hopes up too much!

So here’s the AFTER! A fresh coat (or two) of paint and new hardware and it’s so beautiful! We were originally going to put it in the closet of the spare bedroom (aka office) to replace the current organization mess in there, but I really just loved how it looked under the window!

I’m so excited because I feel like this opens up a whole new world of opportunities. In fact, yesterday I scored an old sewing cabinet at Goodwill for TWELVE DOLLARS. The thing is sturdier than my kitchen table and I can’t wait to revamp it! I’ve learned a lot from LiveLoveDIY about painting and refinishing and I’m excited for the possibilities that are now in front of me… hopefully that includes a kitchen table that doesn’t wobble!

Happy Wednesday!

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