Introducing Funny Fridays!

Today I’m posting my first installment of what will hopefully be a super epic series: Funny Friday. I’m the kind of girl who pretty much refuses to watch any movie or TV show unless it’s funny. I love to laugh. It’s the best thing in the world. In college, my BFF Catie and I would sit on the floor, both with our computers, and look at funny pins on Pinterest for hours. Just laughing hysterically together. Literally hours.

So, if you need a little Friday pick-me-up, here are some of my favorite funny pins from this week!



Being a former math major… I love this one.





This was true getting on the East Campus bus at UNL and it was definitely true in Paris!

My favorite!! RAWR!


Happy Friday! If you really need some serious procrastination on this fine (cold) Friday, feel free to check out my Laugh board on Pinterest.


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