Is It Too Late for Halloween?

I think I win the award for worst blogger by posting about Halloween in January. But I was going through some photos on my phone and realized that I never shared some of the awesomeness that was created in our Halloween Photo Booth!

Firstly – our costumes. If you’ve read this blog, or followed me on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook at all, you’ll know that I’m an obsessive Potterhead. Seriously, check out this ridiculous board on Pinterest. Over 400 pins dedicated just to Harry Potter! Yea, you could say I like it. I’ve never been good at Halloween costumes and I’m pretty sure this was my first time dressing up as an adult, so I wanted to try a character from HP. At first I thought about being Luna Lovegood, but she’s not as uniquely recognizable, and her upside-down glasses would have been hard (or expensive) to make (or buy). So I landed on:

PROFESSOR TRELAWNEY! The crazy divination teacher who thinks everyone is going to come to a tragic end, and is really scary when she actually does make a legit prophesy (which she’s only done twice in her life). The Mister had a really tough time coming up with a costume, but we eventually decided he should be Richard Castle from the show Castle. (I’m pretty much in love with Castle…)

So, what do you think? Did we nail it?

Some other people showed up to the party, too. We had a scarecrow:

Rosie the Riveter:

Mario, Luigi, and the Final Lap Guy:

Zoolander and Mugatu:

The most awesome photo of the night. Yes, he is in the air. I have no idea how he can do that!

Clark and Cousin Eddie:


The cutest Amish couple in the world:

A piñata!

Marty McFly (this guy even owns a legit Delorean…):


We were quite the bunch!

And for those of you interested in the photo booth setup, it was really easy. I used my AlienBee B800 light on a stand with a shoot-through umbrella, situated to camera left. We triggered the camera with my Vello FreeWave wireless trigger, and the light with CyberSync trigger and receiver. Here’s a pull back of what the backdrop setup looked like:

And to round out the post, a funny photo of me and the Mister. :)

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