Nebraska Panhandle + SD Black Hills: Lake McConaughy

10 days. 2000+ miles. All the places you never knew existed in Nebraska and a little peek into the Black Hills of South Dakota.

You guys, Nebraska is my place. I may have been born and raised in Ohio, but Nebraska is where I really grew up, came into my faith, discovered a lot about myself, and of course, fell in love. But I never really knew much more than Omaha and Lincoln. So when the Mister and I had a few commitments in Nebraska on consecutive weekends, we decided to take a trip out west to explore. We’ve always talked about visiting his family who lives in the panhandle, and this ended up working perfectly. We didn’t have a set plan or schedule, and relied pretty heavily on recommendations from family about what to do and see. So many people say that Nebraska is flat and boring because all they ever see is Interstate 80… and while the interesting things are definitely spread out, most of the time I couldn’t believe we were still in Nebraska!

Our first stop was Lake McConaughy and Kingsley Dam in Ogallala. Nebraska doesn’t really have many lakes, and I believe this is the biggest. Not going to lie, I was sort of expecting something grand like Hoover Dam by the way people talked about it, but it is made of natural materials (dirt/rocks/grass/etc) instead of concrete. The big deal about this dam is that it is the second largest hydraulic fill dam in the world. I have no idea what this means. We even watched a video in the visitors center about how it was built and I still don’t understand how they did it! BUT, it was pretty, and the beach we visited had such soft sand. We are definitely coming back here to go camping sometime!


More images from our trip:

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  • Marcy Stewart - Black hills are my favorite! You really should do a Autumn wedding/engagement shoot there. : )ReplyCancel

  • Laura Foote - Love this! Your personal posts + images are da bomb. PS I would LOVE a road trip through NE. But, these blogposts will keep me so happy since I’m not there anymore :)ReplyCancel

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