Living Life With Those You Love

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely adore being married to the Mister. I love our new home and the idea of making it our own and living life together. But this move has been hard on me. My family. My friends. My in-laws. They’re all back in Nebraska.

My sister and I finally started becoming close friends (she’s 4 years younger) and then I moved away. I left my best friend back in Lincoln living with a girl she hardly knows because she had to find someone to take my room. I’m so thankful for modern technology – phones, Facebook, and Skype – but there’s nothing like being with the ones you love. I was so blessed to be able to host my mom and sister a couple of weeks ago and then my BFF this past weekend. Here’s a look into the madness that ensues when we all get together.

My sister had her first A&W experience. Yea, they don’t have these in Lincoln, and it’s a crying shame. (Although Lincoln has Runza and that trumps all. Just sayin’.)

We, of course, took pictures of each other while exploring the Cedar Valley Arboretum.

She got attacked by a dinosaur.

I took pictures of nature.

We had a surprise “wedding reception” with my extended family.

Can you say YUM!?

Opening presents in front of a bunch of people STARING at you is awkward.

I snuck a few pictures of the Mister when he wasn’t paying attention. He hates my camera in his face and therefore leaves me no option but stealth.

My best friend thinks I’m hilarious.

I think she’s gorgeous. And hilarious right back.

She took some fun pictures of me. And my (well worn) Glitter Toms. Swoon.

I tried to fix my hair, but let’s be honest – the wind is not my friend.

Pretty pictures of me. I don’t get that very often. Hazards of the job, I guess.

Here’s to taking in every moment and living life with those you love. XOXO


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