Living Room Before + After

Okay, it’s time to be honest here. The Mister and I have lived in this place for nearly TWO YEARS, and we’ve never really invested any time or money into decorating it. I’ve never been very good at decorating and quite frankly, it never really interested me until recently. When I started getting sick of living in a messy bachelor pad. I really think it was Pinterest that got to me – all those pictures of pretty rooms and houses, and suddenly I wanted to live in a place that was equally inspiring. So my next completely logical step would be to run to Ikea and just buy their whole showroom as is. But you know, when you’re paying off your debt, that’s usually frowned upon. So I started really looking into ways I could make our small little abode beautiful. I’ve started following blogs, reading Better Homes & Gardens, and even watching HGTV! I have big plans for our place, but I know it’s going to take a lot of time to get there.

So the first thing on my list was to get rid of our college-kid TV stand. (Please pardon the awesome iPhone photos…) Don’t you just love the big Husker flag hanging on the wall? Me, too…

So, replacing the TV stand wasn’t really the first thing on my list, but I came across this old school entertainment center on Craigslist and knew I had to snatch it up. Actually, the Mister did the snatching. And lifting. This beast is HEAVY.

So after following a couple blogs that show you how to paint furniture and make it go from drab to fab, and after watching the Mister paint a dresser, I knew we could work wonders with this. The plan was to add a few shelves to the spot where the old style televisions go, and then put our flatscreen on top. Then the section with the door would house all of our albums and photo books (yay!).

So we painted. And painted. And then I gave up and the Mister finished it. I seriously love him.

So we got this entertainment center in August. It’s now January. This took us a LONG time. We didn’t start painting until October, and then it took until now to get it finished. And even then, the Mister is so particular about cords and wires and such, so he spent THREE DAYS perfecting the back of this thing, making sure every cord was where it should be. (Seriously, I once had a cable guy tell me we had the most organized system he’d EVER seen.) I suppose it was well worth the wait because now everything is tidy and it’s not a bird’s nest of cords back there (which it would be if I had set it up).

So here it is! I love having the TV higher up on the wall, and since we have vaulted ceilings, it really fills out the space nicely. What do you think?

Obviously I still have to figure out how to decorate it. But for now, I’m excited that our wedding album and other photo books have a home where they are protect from dust and everything! (PS – our 2013 Instagram Book arrived yesterday and it’s awesome! I blogged about our 2012 book a while back… check it out if you’re interested! They were both printed through Blurb!)

Also, the cute yellow tea holder and blue mug are the colors I want to eventually use in our living room. I picked them up at the thrift store because I love the combo – I’m planning on yellow, teal, gray, and white for the color scheme. We’ll see how it goes! Other things on the list: window treatments, slipcovers for the couches, a wall gallery, and hopefully a pretty rug to cover our bland carpet! Ahhh the joys of renting!


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