My Blurb Books Arrived!

Note: This post was not sponsored by Blurb at all. However, I am such a huge fan of their products that I joined their affiliate program, which means that if you order a book through one of my links, I’ll get a small commission. This doesn’t cost you any extra money! You can read my full disclosure here.)

I’m so excited to finally be writing this post! It seems like I’ve been working on designing these two photo books for forever now, and they are finally in my hands! I can’t tell you how incredible they look, so I’m just going to have to let the images do the talking! Do you see all of these exclamation points! I’m! So! Excited!

Please ignore the lovely couch. I like to call it vintage. Because it’s from the 70s. Literally.


These books are big! The top one is 362 pages and the bottom one is 246. Go big or go home, right?


What I love about Blurb is that even with 300 pages the books are still very affordable! Since Shutterfly might be the most commonly used book company for consumers, I’ll use them as an example. Their 8×11 book photo cover book has a limit of 110 pages, and for that many pages it would cost you about $130. An 8×10 Blurb book with 110 pages is $55. And Blurb’s quality is amazing. And you can have up to 440 pages! Someday I want to reach that limit! ;)




I decided to just do a plain photo on the cover and no text (text is on the spine, see above).


So this is our Europe book and I’m so smitten. I designed it quite similar to our 2012 photo book, but since it is a travel book, I wanted it to have more than just photos. I scanned all of the maps we used on our trip because they have markings of where we went and such, and I also included text describing our trip. Someday when I’m old and my brain has turned to mush, I’ll be able to read all about the trip and remember!


My only complaint, and it’s not really an actual complaint, is that with Blurb, once you hit a certain number of pages, you’re limited to only the standard paper. This paper is quite lovely, but sometimes you can see through it depending on how the other side of the page is designed. It’s really not a big deal, and it is only really noticeable in certain light, but just so you know. My buddy Amy designed a book with less pages and upgraded her paper and it’s incredible! So if you want to upgrade the paper, don’t design a book as big as mine! :) (Edit: And Amy actually pointed out that the standard paper makes the books feel more like a magazine, so #win.)


Final thoughts:

  • Blurb’s customer service support is phenomenal. When I first got my 2012 yearbook, the design had been printed wrong and the outer edges of the design were cut off. I emailed a few photos to their customer support and a new one was printed and shipped in record time! They are fab. Seriously.
  • I am crazy in love with seeing my work printed like this. Oh my goodness. I can’t help but flip through these books every five minutes! I’ve seriously become addicted to them. So much so, that I intend to (eventually) print a book with all of my pictures from college and maybe even from high school. I’ve also thrown around the idea of making a book each year for all of my professional work. Seriously, make a book and you’ll catch the bug!
  • I just got an email into my inbox this morning and Blurb is offering 25% off  book orders over $75 with the code MARCHSAVINGS. You can get more information and start making your book here! (affiliate link)



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  • Laura Foote - I love this post. I love these books. I double love that you got to fill your traveling-loving heart to the brim in Europe. Now, to find time to start blurb-ing Foote life….. :) P.S. You are stinkin’ talented. Every image is just gorgeous. ReplyCancel

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