My Journey into Gardening

I have to warn you. This might be the first and the last post on my gardening adventures. It seriously might be the beginning of the end, but I’ll get to that later.

I recently decided that I wanted our apartment balcony/deck to be more enjoyable this summer. I like spending time out there (seriously, I love working outside), but up until now it’s been very bland and visually unappealing. So enter in my crazy idea to take up gardening. I’ve never grown anything before, and I’ve actually never been able to keep a plant alive before either, but I’m pretty sure that was more neglect than actual lack of skills. So I started scrounging the internet for tips and how-tos for container gardening, taking in as much knowledge as I could. As it turns out, a lot of plants/flowers/herbs are easier grown from seedlings (the flats of plants you buy at the store) rather than at home from a seed. So I went to our local Earl May, and found out that most of their seedlings wouldn’t arrive for a few weeks.

So I ignored all of the books and blogs and bought some seeds!

Well, I didn’t totally ignore them. I googled the easiest flowers to start from seed and purchased those. I also bought a self-watering seed starter (seriously, genius!), and wouldn’t you know… some sprouts started popping up!

And then more popped up! And the ones already started were growing! And soon my little seed starter looked like this:

They were so cute and I was such a proud little mama!

And then. Then I decided that they needed to go into bigger pots, which from my understanding is typical because the roots need more room to grow as the plant gets bigger. I got some 2-liter bottles and made these self-watering containers I found on Pinterest, and then all I had to do was move the seedlings from one container to the other.

Seems pretty simple. But it wasn’t. As I tried to take each cube of dirt and move it to the bigger container, they sort of fell apart. The first one was horrible and dirt went everywhere, and then I got a bit more confident and things started going smoother… until a big clump of dirt fell onto one of my precious seedlings! I nearly cried and tried to scoop as much dirt off as possible, but I’m seriously afraid he’s too damaged. I mean, just look at him! The other seedlings are leaning towards the light and he’s just hanging out there with a broken neck unable to move!

The whole process was rough and I’ll be surprised if any of them actually survive. So I really might just have to buy plants from the nursery from here on out. We’ll see, I guess. Either way, it’s loads of fun to learn something new and try your hand at it!

More to come… (hopefully!)

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