New Location, New Blog!

Welcome to the new and improved blog of Rachel Ruffer Photography!

For a while now, I’ve been unsatisfied with my website, logo and overall look of my “brand.” In fact, I don’t think I could actually call it a brand. Everything was all over the place. No consistency. And on top of that, I’ve come to hate my previous logo.

I started my business a year and a half ago. And since then, I’ve grown so much, not just in photography but in my business. Over the past year, especially, I’ve started developing a certain style that I love and want to produce. The place where I want my business to go has become clearer and clearer. And now that I’m essentially starting over in Cedar Falls, I want to do it right from the very beginning.

So welcome to the new me. I’ll be moving a few posts over from the old blog, but for the most part, that will stay how it is. As an archive. The first volume of the journey of my business. This new blog is quite a bit easier to read, and I’ve also revamped and organized the For Photographers resource page.

And, coming soon (super soon, I hope!) is a revamped website also. It’s not completely finished, but here’s a little preview. Exciting!

Happy Friday!

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