One Year Ago Today

One year ago today, I made the best decision of my life. The Mister had been living in Iowa for nearly six months, and I drove out to visit him for the week. The night before I was to leave, we went out for supper, line dancing, and ice cream under the big summer sky.

The stars twinkled above my head as I swung my feet from the toolbox on the back of his pickup. The full moon was the biggest I’d ever seen it, and with the help of the fireflies, it lit up the cornfield around us. The sprouts were a few inches above the ground and swayed slightly in the gentle breeze. It was a perfect night. Corey climbed up beside me, and I smiled at him as I took a bite of my M&M cookie dough ice cream. He put his arm around me, took a sip of his malt, and looked up at the stars.

“I had a great time with you this week. I love having you here. Even though you drive me crazy sometimes, I love it, and you never cease to amaze me.”

Curious to better understand the meaning hidden in that phrase, I turned to look at him. He had left the cargo lights on, and I had to squint to see him. “What do you mean, never cease to amaze you?”

He shrugged. “I dunno. You got along great with my engineering friends, and you’ve been a cute little homemaker this week – cooking, cleaning, and doing my laundry…”

I nudged him playfully and laughed. “Oooh, so that’s why you like me?!”

He chuckled too. “No, but it’s definitely a plus.”

He continued to talk, but what he said, I can’t remember. The cargo lights were still blinding me when I tried to look at him, and being totally oblivious to what was happening, I interrupted him. “So, I think it’s bright enough out here that we don’t need the cargo lights on…”

He looked at me. “My point is…”

Realization hit as I saw his hand come into view from his other side, holding a box that was sparkling inside.

“Will you be my wife?”

I was blown away. Completely blindsided. Totally unaware that he had been trying to propose. His face softened into a grin as I smiled like a little girl and whispered YES! I couldn’t say anything else. I could barely mutter my answer. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him, struggling to believe everything was real. He put the ring on my finger and it sparkled wildly in the light. The cargo light that he left on so that I would be able to see the diamond. It was more beautiful that I could have imagined.

I wanted to stay in that moment forever. I rested my head on his shoulder and we talked for a while longer, while the fireflies continued to dance around us.

It was a perfect night.

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