Remember That Time We Bought a House??

Yeah, so. Looking back, October probably wasn’t the best month to buy a house. But we’re awesome like that and thought we needed even more on our plate. This house is the reason I haven’t updated the blog in weeks. And the reason I’m lagging behind in everything… BUT. We have a house! I will have the full story on the blog soon! Well, maybe by Christmas… We’re working so hard to get it organized (still a mess – which is stressing me out!), and make it ours. Seriously, it’s the cutest little house. And I’m working desperately hard to finish up client galleries. I’ve never been this busy before and it’s insane. Oh, October. So much editing – I think my eyes are going to fall out. Literally. So bear with me friends. I’m absolutely loving everything right now, but definitely can’t wait until November when things start to slow down a bit!


(Photo by Amy. Shot on Fuji X100s.)


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