Standout Prints: Product Spotlight

Today I came home to a pretty box sitting at my front door. Well, cardboard isn’t very pretty, but I knew exactly what was inside and that is what made it pretty. A couple days ago, I posted on Facebook that I ordered my first print for our new place, and it arrived today! I rushed inside, forgetting about all of the things on today’s to-do list, to open it and hang it up!

Isn’t it SO PRETTY??

Standouts are a lighter alternative to canvas wraps. Instead of a wood frame, the print is adhered to a fancy foam piece, and then banded with a black plastic edge. Like a canvas, it comes ready to hang with four hanging holes on the back. No frames necessary here!

A friend of mine has a canvas of a beach scene above her sink, and I just thought that was the greatest idea. So I copied her! (Thanks, Kristen!)

I’m SO excited to start decorating our new place. I have a bunch of ideas floating around in my head, and can’t wait to get them done. I told the Mister yesterday that it’s starting to feel like we’re finally big kids!

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