Summer Boating Video: Fuji X100s

It was 2012 the first time we went on Brian’s boat. The first summer we were married. I didn’t know what to expect exactly because I hadn’t been on very many boats in my lifetime. Little did I know I would soon become obsessed with boating – to the point that I beg the Mister to buy a boat on a regular basis. “But Brian has a boat…” he says. And a sweet one at that. And last summer the gang got really into wake surfing. No, not wake boarding. Surfing. The goal is to use the rope to get up and then toss it back in and let the wake push you along. I think it goes without saying that this is much easier said than done. But I’ve even been brave enough to do it, and for someone who really doesn’t like the water (or swimming), the Mister is really quite good.

This past weekend, armed with my new Dicapac WPS3 flexible housing, I took the Fuji X100s on the lake with the hopes of making a sweet boating video. It’s not the quality of a professional cinematographer, but that’s okay because I’m just a filmmaker wannabe.

This is how we spend our weekends. And sometimes weeknights. (Click through to watch in HD.)


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