That Time I Face Planted During a Photo Shoot

I am seriously the most awkward person ever. There’s a point during pretty much every photo shoot that I nearly trip and/or kill myself. I try to tell my clients this, but I don’t think they actually believe me. One time during a wedding, I was photographing the wedding party in a field, and as I was backing up to get everyone in the frame, I didn’t see the big rut left by a tractor tire. I stepped in it and fell backwards but thankfully one of the ushers was there to catch me before I hit the ground. Of course everyone was watching as I did this so I was crazy embarrassed. At least I wasn’t hurt that time.

Last night was a different story. There was a cool spot along the riverbank that I really wanted to photograph the senior I was with, but we had to climb over some rocks and a bit of mud to get there. I have done this before so I didn’t think anything of it. I also didn’t realize just how muddy the bottom of my shoes were. I was in the middle of telling my senior not to fall when my foot literally slipped out from underneath me. The whole thing happened quite slowly… I tried to simultaneously keep from smashing my face into the rocks and protect my camera. I was successful at neither. My camera went lens first into the rock as did my cheek and right arm. It hurt but I was so nervous about my camera (thankfully it wasn’t my 50 1.2L – you know, the crazy expensive one). I played it off like it was no big deal, but deep down – I was freaking out! Mind you, all of this happened at the VERY beginning of the photo shoot. Way to start off right, Rachel.


Call me dramatic, but it hurts a lot worse than it looks. Like a paper cut that hurts like crazy even though it’s not a massive wound. I took a few test shots to make sure the lens was working and thank the Lord, it was. Just a few dents and scratches on it. We continued the shoot with no issues other than the burning in my arm. Luckily I am (almost) always prepared and there was some Neosporin in my car first aid kit which really helped my arm stop stinging. The Mister was completely NOT surprised when I told him about it, but to my defense, as often as I trip over my own feet, this was the first time I’ve actually fallen over.

So fair warning to my clients: I might trip and fall during our shoot, but no worries. It’s just me being my awkward self. :)


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