The Adventures of a New MRS: Folding Fitted Sheets

“Life’s too short to fold fitted sheets.”

Before I got married, I really only had one set of sheets for my bed. So I totally lived by that rule. Fitted sheets were such a waste of time to me. Plus, they had to go right back on the bed once they were washed, so there really was never any reason to learn the trick. Well, now that the Mister and I got married, and we have a few sets, I had two options. Keep all of our sheets wadded up in a laundry basket or learn to fold the fitted sheets.

I chose to learn. Pinterest has helped me SO much with learning to be a little housewife, and I knew it wouldn’t fail me. I studied and studied this pin, even clicking through to read the website notes, and I just couldn’t figure it out.

So I kept searching. I finally came across this video of a woman who walks through the process slowly, and with her back to the camera so her audience can mimic her better.

So, I successfully folded a fitted sheet for the first time in my life. next time I have to do it, I’ll probably have to reference the video again, but I’m so happy! No more bunchy piles of sheets!

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