Funny Friday: The Concert Heard in China

Okay. There’s only one funny meme/image today, but you better get ready for it. Seriously, I could not stop laughing last night as I was reading this, and I even almost fell out of my chair. Literally. It has to do with band and reading music, so if you played an instrument at all in high school I’m guessing you will find it just as funny as I do. I can’t stop laughing even as I’m writing this up. Big thanks to my sister for sharing this one on Pinterest, and here’s the original image on Imgur.

Oh, and fair warning. There’s some profanity at the end but I personally think it makes it even more hilarious. The Mister and I have a couple friends (who are married to each other) who both tell stories just like that. So all I can do while reading is hear them. Hilarious!

Make sure you read the part in gray, too. “It was the trombonists. They’re coming. There is no escape.” Ha!

When I showed this to the Mister, he said, “Oh, you band geeks.” Still dying from laughter. Happy Friday!


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