The Story of My Perm + New Self-Portrait

It’s true. I got a perm. *GASP*

But not like the perms from the 80s. This one is actually really cool. The curls are more loose and wavy than tight spirals. Think beach waves instead of Shirley Temple. The story of how I got it is quite interesting, because I actually had to get it done TWICE. Yep. And both times it was STINKY. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

It all starts with my dear friend Emily, who got a perm first. She was raving about how all she had to do was get her hair wet and BAM. Curls. I was jealous. So I decided I wanted one, too. I got the number for her hair gal and set up my appointment. Carrie, who’s now totally MY hair gal, too, is super awesome and totally fun. We went through the whole process (nearly 3 hours!!), I got home, and my hair was STRAIGHT. Umm, what? I waited the 48 hours before I washed my hair, and while it was curly right after I got out of the shower, no matter how much mousse I put in it, it straightened out when it dried. BOO.

I talked with Carrie and we decided to try again. My mom, who’s had many perms in her life, and who has the same type of hair as me, said that some perms just didn’t work on her, too. The first perm that Carrie did on me was a wave perm, which is softer and gentler than regular perm solution stuff (it’s all stinky, though!). So Carrie decided to go for the real deal. Two weeks later and it was round two. When she started unrolling the hair after it was done, we could already tell that it worked much better.

As it turns out, we figure that my hair was TOO HEALTHY, and that’s why the first perm didn’t take. When you get a perm, it actually lifts up the top layer of each individual hair, and penetrates the inner part to change the chemical makeup of your hair. What we decided happened was that my hair was too healthy for the perm to actually break through that first layer of the hair. Yay, healthy hair, right?? So I guess that means I have the go-ahead to start treating my hair like crap. Hello, heat, teasing, coloring, and general mistreatment of my hair. Should be fun, right? :)

It’s been a few weeks since the second perm and I’m totally loving it. I still put quite a bit of mousse and hair spray in my hair, but overall it’s great. I can even use my hair dryer on it without it going flat (on low)! I hope the next time I get one it takes even better. I feel so PRETTY with curly hair. It’s amazing the boost of confidence I have now, and every outfit feels so much more dressed up.

So here’s another self-portrait I made last week that shows off my new perm. And don’t mind Dixie. She doesn’t really like sitting pretty for the camera.

Oh, and if you’re looking for an awesome hair gal, I know a FABULOUS one and can totally hook you up.

Happy Monday!

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