This Year’s Balcony Garden: Sunflowers, Tomatoes, and Basil!

Last year I totally got into the whole gardening thing. Unfortunately, the Mister and I don’t own a home yet, so I’m limited to the space on our balcony (which admittedly, is much bigger than most apartment balconies). Before, I pretty much just wanted to grow things that were pretty, not necessarily useful. Well, this year, that’s all changed and I want a MASSIVE vegetable garden so that I can grow a lot of our own food. I didn’t really get a good head start this year, so the only thing I started from seed were sunflowers, and boy are they so pretty! Then, after making the most amazing homemade spaghetti sauce (like from raw tomatoes, not just tomato sauce), I decided I wanted to grow tomatoes, too. Luckily my mom had an extra tomato plant hanging around, so now I have a few little green tomatoes that are so cute! I only see three so far, though… I’m hoping there will be more?! Oh, I also have a basil plant which I used to make super yummy creamy pesto pasta! We are crossing our fingers that we will find the perfect home this winter and I’ll be able to have a bigger garden next spring. Here’s hoping!

Are you growing anything this year?? Or do you have a brown/black thumb?apartment-balcony-garden-01


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  • Tommy G Haran - Jealous! Unfortunately I’m not growing much this yr. I think I got lazy. Really enjoying your blog :)ReplyCancel

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