Traveling Fool + Fuji X100

The last ten days or so have been a bit crazy for me. In summary, I drove to Ohio, then back to Iowa, then back east to Michigan, and back home again. I’m glad to be back home with my pup and in my own bed, but I had a great time. I also had the chance to rent the Fuji X100 for the first time (the original, not the new X100s), and although it’s true that the camera is ridiculously frustrating, I’m pleased with the results and can confidently say that I will invest in the new Fuji X100s.

The camera, for me at least, will be primarily a personal camera. I hate carrying around my big DSLR because it’s like a million pounds and I always feel silly pulling it out to take pictures. It’s a little overkill. BUT, I also truly, truly hate point and shoot cameras and their lackluster quality. So I was hoping that the X100 would be a happy medium, and it definitely was. And the bonus: I got so many awesome comments about the camera! Everyone loved how retro/cool it looked, and people easily forgot that I was taking pictures of them.

So… onto the images! (That’s my sis below. Doesn’t she look like a total creeper?!)

The autofocus lives up to its infamy. I’m not sure whether this camera had the latest firmware (I requested it…) but goodness gracious. I wanted to throw the thing across the room sometimes. The X100 is definitely not fast enough (in my opinion) to follow around an active child or pet. I did get some good shots of my little cousin, but it was pretty hit or miss.

Seriously, is March Madness over yet? I’m going MAD! ;)

They’re beyond adorable, right?

The on-camera flash was just okay, but let’s be honest… when is on-camera flash really that great? I did experiment with some off-camera flash and I was glad that it worked with my CyberSyncs. It had a really bad issue with red-eye, but I was quite impressed with how well Lightroom could remove that. Still…annoying. So it’s external flash or off-camera flash for me.

Happy Monday!!

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