Updating a Neglected Blog

Well, it’s been so long since I’ve updated my blog that I can safely say it is neglected. Things have been crazy around here, and to be honest, with all of the snow and ridiculous weather, I haven’t been shooting much. Wedding season is still a couple months away, but I’ve got some exciting personal projects and various other things to keep me busy until then, and I can’t wait to share with you!

The first is that I’ve been studying and experimenting with off-camera lighting. A lot of photographers these days are quite intimidated by flash, and I really wanted something challenging to work on over these winter months. I’m definitely not an expert yet, but someday I hope to be! ;)

Here’s some stuff I’ve been working on:

I’m also renting the Fujifilm X100 for the next week or so to take it for a test drive. I’m super pumped as I’ve been looking for a compact camera to carry around with me everywhere, and I think this might be the one. Well, I really think the X100s is the one, but I can’t get my hands on that yet since it’s not released. I have to admit I’m quite worried about the 35mm equivalent fixed lens. I mean, I shoot with prime lenses all the time, so the lack of zoom isn’t my issue. It’s the “wide-ness” of the lens. When I’m shooting weddings and portraits, I really prefer my 50mm or 85mm. Seriously, I like my lenses long. (does that sound dirty??) Anyway, shooting at the 35mm perspective terrifies me. Like hard core. Hence why I’m renting it before I buy it.

Here it is. Such a beautiful camera. My sister called it a hipster camera when she saw it. I kind of agree, even though I’m no where close to being a hipster.

I’ll post my thoughts after the rental period is up. I’m quite excited to take this thing for a spin!

Also, even though there’s not much going up on the blog lately, you should definitely follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! I’m updating those a lot more regularly, so I’d love to connect there! Ciao!

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