Ways to Connect Aside From Facebook

A couple days ago I posted on Instagram about how only a very small percentage of my Facebook fans are actually seeing updates in their news feed. This made me very, very sad. I understand that Facebook has been letting us business owners live rent-free on their property, but still. So I decided to let you know how you could keep tabs if you’re not regularly seeing my Facebook updates.


I’m probably more active on Instagram than I am on Facebook. I absolutely LOVE documenting my life through little square photos – and often time behind the scenes and sneak peeks from weddings and other shoots. You can follow me here!


I have to be honest, I mostly use Twitter to stalk my sister and connect with random Fuji-lover photographers, but I do try to interact on there frequently.


I just joined Google+ and I’m confident that it will take over Facebook. For sure. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely want to. While there is a slight learning curve, if you’re used to Facebook it’s similar enough that you should be able to pick it up rather quickly.

Fancy New Monthly Newsletter

I also decided to start a monthly newsletter. It’s not going to be anything super fancy, just a monthly recap of all things personal + business. I also plan on sharing exclusive tips and personal stories that won’t make it to the blog. Incentive? I think so :)

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And finally, if you would rather be emailed every time there is a new post, you can enter your email below to subscribe to the blog. This is different from the monthly newsletter above, so if you want both, you’ll have to enter your email twice.

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