Why I Printed my Instagram Pictures with Blurb Books

I’ve gotten into a bad habit.

I’m sure you have, too. In fact, I think our entire generation has this problem because we’ve grown up around computers and technology our whole lives…

My problem? I haven’t printed a single personal picture. In years. Like seriously. The last prints I remember getting were from our wedding and that was spring of 2012. With Facebook and computers I guess it’s easy to get into this whole I-don’t-need-to-print-my-pictures thing.

But when I stop to think about it, why should I have to turn on my computer and bring up Facebook to look at a picture? What would happen if Facebook went away? (I swear you guys, someday it will!) Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to be able to share with friends and family across the country. But there is just something about a printed book or picture.

It all started with my mom.

My mother is the queen of printing pictures. We have albums and albums and boxes and boxes of pictures at home, and I just LOVE looking through them all! I knew I wanted my children to be able to have that same experience (who doesn’t want to see what their parents were like before kids?!), but I wasn’t sure how to do it. I would occasionally stroll through the photo album section in Target, but was always a bit disappointed. I just seemed like it would be SO much work to print out all these pictures and stuff them into little 4×6 slots. Not to mention that an album that would hold more than 40 or so was quite expensive. And let me tell you… I take a lot of pictures! I wanted a pretty way to look at them, and that just wasn’t the right one for me. But now, I’m convinced that annual yearbooks are the way to go!

The Instagram Book

After my friend Emily posted about her annual family yearbooks that she prints through Blurb, I knew I had to try them out. I didn’t want to invest all of my time into designing an entire book and then deciding that Blurb wasn’t right for me, so I made a quick 7×7 square book of all my 2012 Instagram pictures. And it turned out AWESOME.

Unfortunately their books don’t lay flat, but they’re still nice, and I’m so excited about all of this. Each year I intend to print an Instagram book and a family yearbook. I’m currently working on my 2012 book and I can’t wait until it’s printed and in my hands! Someday, Lord willing, my children will be able to flip through these books and get to truly experience what life was like for us. Call me old school, but I don’t want our pictures to be stuck on a hard drive somewhere…

If you’re like me and haven’t printed a personal picture in forever, I challenge you to try making a photo book! I’ve heard incredible things about Blurb’s design software, although admittedly I haven’t used it (I design my books in InDesign). Don’t let your pictures sit around collecting dust on a hard drive!

Oh, and PS: this post isn’t sponsored by Blurb and I paid for my book with my own money! I just really love their quality and had to share!

Happy Tuesday!

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