Dubuque Arboretum Wedding: Tasha + Juan

She emailed me and told me that even if it rained on her wedding day, she was going to be happy because she was marrying him. But it didn’t rain. Tasha and Juan were married on the most beautiful day any bride could ask for, in front of their friends and family at the Dubuque Arboretum. Every time I go to Dubuque for a shoot or a wedding, magic happens, and this wedding was no different.


I tell you, first looks always get me!!


Tasha’s dad owns this sweet old car, so they hopped in and we had some fun!



Their reception was held at the Hotel Julien, and it looked so fabulous.


Tasha and Juan spent months preparing a choreographed salsa dance for their first dance, and they completely wooed the crowd! It was incredible!dubuque-arboretum-wedding-34dubuque-arboretum-wedding-35dubuque-arboretum-wedding-36dubuque-arboretum-wedding-37dubuque-arboretum-wedding-38

So Juan is a huge fan of 80s music, so for the second half of their reception, they had a live 80s band from Chicago called Weird Science. Let me tell you, it was amazing. Like, words can’t even describe. dubuque-arboretum-wedding-39dubuque-arboretum-wedding-40dubuque-arboretum-wedding-41dubuque-arboretum-wedding-42dubuque-arboretum-wedding-43


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