Yes! I Will Travel to Your Wedding!

Every so often while chatting with friends or other newlyweds, I hear something like, “We would have hired you to shoot our wedding but we didn’t think you’d travel that far.” It makes me quite sad because, while a lot of people think they have to find someone local to shoot their wedding, most photographers would LOVE to shoot in new cities/states! The Mister and I even flew our own photographer to Mexico to photograph our wedding because there weren’t any local photographers that I liked.

And depending on the location of your wedding, sometimes bringing in your own photographer and paying for their travel ends up being more cost effective than hiring someone local. (This is generally the case for big cities where everything is more expensive.)

In my case, I don’t charge a travel fee for weddings within 125 miles of Waterloo. This means weddings in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Dubuque (my fav!), and more are all considered local weddings for me. Anything further than that is custom quoted based on mileage and incidental costs. For example, a wedding in Omaha wouldn’t require me to book a hotel because my parents live in Omaha (thanks, Mama and Daddy!).

And then there are locations that I reeeeally want to shoot. I like to call these my bucket list destinations because seriously, I want to shoot there so bad! A wedding in this location would be eligible for my special destination pricing, which varies but would likely have little to no travel fee at all.

So, what locations are on my bucket list?

(The black dots represent places I’ve already traveled to for weddings/shoots.)

  • Oregon coast
  • Northern California (gimme some redwoods!)
  • Southern California / Big Sur
  • Western Montana
  • Grand Canyon
  • Colorado Mountains (in the summer… not winter, brr!)
  • North Carolina (coast or mountains!)
  • Southern Florida
  • Hawai’i (duh.)

So if you know someone who’s getting married in any of these locations, I’d love for you to pass my name along! And if you live in one of these locations and refer a wedding to me (make sure the couple lets me know it was you), I’d love to have you in front of my camera for a mini session to say THANKS!


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